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Miromoda Maori Fashion Show 2013 (Press Release)

Pipitea Marae was built in the early 1980s to meet the needs of the urban Māori population of Wellington. In 2009, the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust and the Ngāti Poneke Māori Association Inc created a partnership that would offer the Marae to be used and embraced by all. As a consequence, it now offers conference facilities and with the scent of fresh paint and new carpet still hanging in the air, the annual Miromoda wasn’t the only fashion statement being made on the night.  Parallel to the cultural surroundings were the compelling stories of indigenous design concepts. Established and Overall winner Adrienne Whitewood’s collection of navy knits, fringed suede and silver embellishments was inspired by the traditional piupiu. By her own admission, she added printed chiffon pieces inspired by the Great Gatsby movie while incorporating karakia (traditional prayer).


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